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Valet Services


No more phone calls. No more emails. No more follow-up with retailers. GrassHopperHub Valet Services does it all.

GrassHopperHub Valet Services is the first end-to-end strategic sales services for producers and processors in the legal cannabis industry. With GHH Valet Services, you can easily accelerate revenue without lifting a finger.

GHH Valet Services does it all—extends reach, promotes your brand and increases sales through hundreds of established relationships. Also promotes your brand with consumer and budtender educational vendor days. GHH Valet Services does the work and gets your product in more retail stores by streamlining and managing the entire sales process.

Save time, save resources and let your  GrassHopperHub Valet do the work for you.

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Producers & Processors: Grow Your Business

  • Get your product in front of hundreds of retailers without making one sales call or onsite visit.
  • Accelerate revenue by leveraging established GrassHopperHub retail relationships.
  • Better manage samples and orders to help optimize inventory management.
  • Streamline your sales process from introduction through transaction.
  • Gain consumer and budtender education with our unique vendor day approach.

Let GrassHopperHub Valet Services manage your sales process and increase your revenue while you do what you do best—cultivating and processing the best product available. GrassHopperHub Valet Services helps you better manage your business and increase revenue effortlessly.

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