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The Only Complete Business Platform

A unique online platform bringing producers, processors and retailers together in an online marketplace, offering cannabis products with hundreds of vendors, backed by management tools specifically designed to help grow your business.

There are commerce inefficiencies within the cannabis industry. HopperXchange increases access and up-levels the buying/selling conversation. It’s about efficiency. These are not trade shows. Attendees are decision makers — C-suite, owners, buyers, sellers.

Consultant Services

If you have cannabis product, you need GrassHopperHub Valet Services — the first end-to-end strategic sales service for growers. Increase sales, reduce costs and improve inventory management without lifting a finger! Take advantage of our network.

Grow Your Business

GrassHopperHub creates business solutions the cannabis industry — dispenaries, brands, growers, and ancillary products and services.
  • 2020 Solutions
    “The GrassHopperHub daily performance emails have saved me so much time and take the guesswork out of what products need to be purchased immediately. Thank you!” —Jackie Munoz / 2020 Solutions
  • Higher Leaf
    “As a buyer for an i502 retailer, to have the ability to buy from multiple producers/processors in one place with all the data I need at my fingertips… amazing! I am a grassHopperHub fan!” —Marques Cameron / Higher Leaf