Buyer Summit

Currently, there are inefficiencies within the cannabis industry pertaining to commerce. HopperXchange is increasing access and up-leveling the conversation with the retail buyers. It’s about efficiency.

Attendees are decision makers — C-suite, owners, buyers, sellers.

THIS IS NOT A TRADE SHOW! It’s much better! The event format is a “round robin” style with 15-minute meetings at each vendor station.

The Cultivator owns the meeting space to set up product and packaging displays.

The Dispensary buyer will move to each space to hear product or service pitches.



Where supply meets demand.

The Problem.
  • Making appointments is difficult and time consuming.
  • Traditional trade shows are chaotic and over crowded with a variety of businesses, taking tons of time and manpower to coordinate.
  • Cultivator vendors spend a lot of time and energy driving from store to store to make sales calls.
  • You will never have as much time as you need to meet with your important buyers.
  • Keeping current clients satisfied by increasing sales and moving inventory is challenging yet vital.
  • Regulations make the shipping of marijuana complex and riddled with liability.
The Solution.
  • Guaranteed meetings with multiple companies in one setting.
  • Intimate one-on-one time with important decision makers, creating the opportunity to build relationships and close deals.
  • 15-minute meetings to thoroughly review product lines and pricing.
  • Meet with your existing partners to develop a successful sell-through plan to move product and maximize vendor days.
  • Retailers can schedule deliveries and manage all POs in one convenient place.
Authentic Tradition

Cultivator Brands

• Extend dispensary presence
• Electronic catalog for onsite ordering
• Schedule future meetings, samples & more


• More brands on the floor > More feet in door!
• Uninterrupted B2B meetings
• Strategize with vendors to increase sell-thru

See & Be Seen

This industry is moving fast!
Don’t wait another minute!


Sweetwater Pharms

“We instantly saw the value when we were guaranteed uninterrupted meetings with 30-plus dispensaries where they can order from our digital storefront on the same day.”


The High Note

“We will save so much time and energy consolidating multiple vendor meetings and actually purchasing onsite on GrassHopperHub. I knew I had to sign up.”


Action Transactions >> Where supply meets demand!
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